Top 4 Wedding Dress Styles at Allure Bridal and Prom

Top 4 Wedding Dress Styles at Allure Bridal and Prom

Your wedding dress is one of the most important things that you need to consider before you walk up to the altar. At Allure Bridal and Prom, we provide customers with a wide variety of different styles to choose from so that they will look their best when the time comes to exchange vows. Learn more below about some of our popular dresses and contact us to reserve an appointment today!

photo of old school glam bride

Old-School Glamor

One of the things that you need to consider when choosing your wedding dress is whether or not you want a design that is old-school. We offer garments that transcend time and can give you a truly unique look for your special day.

woman wearing a ballgown with her back turned towards the camera

Corset Tops and Ball Gowns

Corset tops and ball gowns are both generally cut at the shoulder and give someone a look that sets them apart from the crowd. Exposed arms and bouffant-style skirts can help make your wedding dress something that everyone in attendance will never forget.

woman wearing blush colored bridal gown

Colorful Hues

The hue of your wedding dress can make all of the difference in the world. We provide a range of different colors that you can choose from. Our expert consultants can help you decide on a dress hue that will be a perfect match for your wedding ceremony. You will leave the crowd in awe!

woman wearing fitted lace gown

Simple Silhouette

If you are thinking of something simple and traditional, our silhouette wedding dress options are a great option to explore. Your attire doesn’t have to be complicated. If it fits your form and has a simple color scheme, it can be every bit as effective as an extravagant gown.

Lawton, Oklahoma’s premier wedding dress supplier is Allure Bridal and Prom. If you live in the surrounding area and have your special day approaching, reach out to our team to schedule your appointment. We will make sure that you look phenomenal! Contact us now.

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