Four Tips For an Awesome Dress Shopping Experience

Four Tips For an Awesome Dress Shopping Experience

Shopping for your wedding dress should be one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning! Picking out the perfect gown to say “I Do” to your fiance should be as pleasant an experience as possible, which is what Allure Bridal & Prom provides each and every Oklahoma bride. After you reserve your appointment at our bridal boutique, make sure you follow our best tips below for ensuring your wedding dress shopping experience is five-star. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you browse wedding dresses and check out our advice down below!


Bring Shoes that Will be Similar To Your Wedding Shoes

While it may seem like putting the cart before the horse, it’s important to have a firm idea of which shoes you will wear on your wedding day before you arrive for your wedding dress appointment. Bringing a test pair of shoes — whether they be heels or ballet flats — and wearing them while trying on wedding dresses will help give you a most complete picture to decide on. Allure Bridal and Prom also recommends taking this route so you have a more complete idea of what alterations or hemming your chosen dress may require.


Wear Proper Undergarments

Much like wearing (or bringing) socks when you try on a new pair of shoes, you as a bride need to be prepared when going wedding dress shopping. Before you arrive for your Allure Bridal and Prom appointment, plan to wear the undergarments that you envision wearing on your wedding day; doing so will help you find the proper fit and have a better idea on what the dress will look like overall. For example, if you are planning on trying on strapless dresses, wearing a strapless bra to your appointment is recommended.

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Bring a Small Entourage of the People Whose Opinion Matters Most

As a bride, it can be overwhelming looking at so many different wedding dress styles — this is why it can be extraordinarily helpful to bring others with you to your bridal boutique appointment. Although how you look and feel in your wedding dress is of the utmost importance, our Allure Bridal and Prom staff knows getting outside opinions from a trusted group of friends and family can help you make a final decision. Your entourage may include a parent, your maid of honor, a few bridesmaids, or other persons whose opinion you trust.


Come Prepared With Styles You Like, But Be Ready to Be Flexible

Before you walk into Allure Bridal and Prom’s bridal boutique, it’s best to have a general idea of which styles you'd like to try on first. There are countless wedding dresses and dress designs to choose from, so having ideas on a starting point can help you navigate the entire trying-on process. Let your Allure Bridal and Prom consultant know which style you’re interested in, but be prepared to try on different ones as well so you can designate them as a “no” or “maybe” as you see fit.

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